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We Make Snow, Then it Rains - Posted 12/22/2014

How about this weather....This gloomy, wet weather.... this warm, snow-melting weather. Ugh!

You may have picked up on my sullen attitude ragarding these next few days.  Here, let me how you why.

Temperatures dropped last week making it possible to fire up the snow guns starting Wednesday Night, Dec 17th. We made all but one night after that. The conditions weren't the greatest, as the temps were marginal, but the snow quality turned out rather decent. The slopes were beautiful. Our spirits were lifted. Opening day was near.

Then, rain shows up in the forecast. Ugh! The 4 nights of snowmaking produced a thin base, but with this rain coming in we are not sure how much snow will remain. The current base isn't deep enough to withstand the rain, which means Open Day is still to be determined. Once it passes, we will make an assessment of the slopes and provide an update.  

As it stands, December 26th doesn't look good for opening day and neither does the 27th. We anticipate neededing to make snow after this wet attach and that doesn't look possible until Saturday Night or Sunday. 

Keep your fingers crossed for cold, DRY weather and stay tuned for a new update. Until then, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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